Printed journals

Journals purchased by the Faculty of Law & Criminology which are not available online are arranged alphabetically (by full title) in the reading rooms of the faculty library:

  • Belgian periodicals in the periodicals room
  • Journals criminal law and criminology in the Patersgang reading room 
  • International journals in the Intermediate Hall

Online journals

All online journals are incorporated in the catalogue with a link to the full text.

All journals of which the full text is available through databases (BJU, Dalloz, etc.) are listed in the catalogue as well, with a link to the database concerned.

To be able to consult the full text, you need to be connected to the Ghent University network. This can be done via Eduroam, Athena or VPN. 

List of abbreviations (in dutch)

Juridical references and abbreviations

Abbreviations for Belgian journals through Rechtsaf