In the context of the coronavirus, working from home is encouraged. The publishers are cooperating in this effort by lifting off campus restrictions as much as possible. Students can therefore temporarily access Jura, Strada Lex and Jurisquare, among others, at home via Athena and/or VPN.

Databases available off campus - via Athena and/or VPN

    Crossroads database of Belgian Legislation. This portal is the result of a cooperation agreement between a number of federal, community and regional institutions.

    Database of the Centre for Environmental Law of UGent with the aim of simplifying and systematizing the legal research work in the field of relevant environmental law. This database has been updated until 9/06/2016.

    In this database you will find a practice-oriented selection of recent case law.

    le droit et la réglementation de la Communauté française

    Belgian legal database from Kluwer. Contains the full texts of all applicable legislation with annotations, most legal journals and the most important loose-leaf and yearbooks of Kluwer. In addition, there is a fairly complete collection of references to all case law and legal literature published by Belgian legal publishers and a Legal web search that searches all public legal sources.

    Portal of the Judiciary of Belgium

    Jurisquare contains the most important Belgian legal journals as well as a selection of books. Books cannot be printed or downloaded.

    MonKEY is Kluwer's specialist database for tax, finance & accountancy.

    All Flemish environmental, nature and energy legislation in one place.

        The Council of State publishes its judgments, opinions and decisions of non-admissibility. In addition, all opinions relating to the preliminary drafts of laws, decrees and ordinances that have not been submitted can be consulted.

        Senlex contains official information on Belgian institutional regulations.

        For each article of institutional regulation, this database brings together all the official information: the legislative text itself, the legislative history, the parliamentary preparation, the judgments of the Constitutional Court and the opinions of the Council of State.

        Belgian legal database including the codes Larcier law books, full text of case law and legal doctrine from Larcier journals, full text of Répertoire Notarial,.... Also includes an official sources search.

        Online archive in full text regarding volumes 1964-1998. From 1999 onwards, TPR contributions are included in the database Jura.

            In it you will find the complete consolidated Flemish regulations from January 1, 1964 to today.