Panopto is a video platform where you can create, share and watch videos live or via recording in a secure screened environment.

The lecturer decides and communicates whether a lecture will be:

  • Made available as recording/livestream (not, for all or part of the students).
  • Made available as a download.
  • Provided with the possibility of automatic subtitles, automatic chapters, discussions, personal notes, bookmarks, ...

Lecture recordings

You will find the lecture recordings in your Ufora course via:

  • Other tools > Panopto.
  • The module "Content" if your lecturer uses learning paths.


Scientific research* shows that students who use recordings as a substitute for physical and active participation in lectures achieve lower study results. So use lecture recordings critically and make targeted use of them to reinforce your learning process, for example to fill in gaps in your own notes, review difficult parts of the material and re-study passages where your attention wavered so that you can better understand the material.

Through Panopto, you have a number of handy features to use videos as a tool during your learning process.

  • The table of contents/slides help you go through a recording easily. This allows you to specifically look up a piece of lecture to rewatch.
  • The search function allows you to search one or more videos within the course (search in written text - also search in spoken text is possible if the instructor has not disabled automatic subtitling). This allows you to search across multiple lectures for specific content.
  • Add bookmarks to mark important moments in the recording for later, like a digital post-it.
  • The option of subtitling.

Want to know more? Take a look at Panopto's pages.

Live streaming

Students can find the live stream via the Ufora course > Other tools > Panopto as soon as the livestream starts. There is about a 15- to 20-second delay between between class environment and what students get to see, so questions and comments may lag a bit behind.


If a lecture is streamed live, Panopto offers some useful features:

  • You can add live personal notes that remain tied to a time in the recording after class. Panopto then connects the explanation and slide in the recording to your accompanying notes.
  • When viewing a live stream remotely, you can press the pause button if necessary. Try to follow the lecture as much as possible at the live pace.

Knowing more? Take a look at the pages of Panopto.

Playing videos

In Ufora, you can access:

  • The table of contents, subtitles, ... via the roof-shaped icon (1)
  • The larger view in the Panopto platform via the slanted arrow (2)


See for the options when playing a video.

Video assignments

  • Manual for students (coming)

Technical tips

  • Log (off and back) in with your UGent account at to activate your account on Panopto.
  • View the lecture recording/livestream from the Ufora course > Other tools > Panopto. However, for certain course units at the faculty GE, lecture recordings/livestreams are only offered in a special course "DX00038" and not in the Ufora course of the course unit.
  • Watch the lecture recording/livestream via a wired internet connection (no wifi)
  • Do you get the message "Click to sign in and play video" or "Error loading video"? Then watch the lecture recording/livestream in a browser in which you allow third-party cookies (image). Or give the websites + + permission to use third-party cookies, as an adjustment to the default setting (image).
  • Do you get the message "HTTP 400 - Bad Request (Request Header too long)."? Then clear the cookies in your internet browser and restart your browser.
  • Do you get the message "HTTP 403 Forbidden..."? Contact the instructor to change the viewing permissions on the video/folder to all creators (course administrators) and viewers (students).
Please check the status of the Panopto EU Cloud at before contacting the helpdesk.


*Maynor, L. M., Barrickman, A. L., Stamatakis, M. K., & Elliott, D. P. (2013). Student and Faculty Perceptions of Lecture Recording in a Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 77(8), 165. 

Williams, A., Birch, E., & Hancock, P. (2012). The impact of online lecture recordings on student performance. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 28(2).