Career guidance

Getting started on the job market

Finding an appropriate job requires some insight into the labour market at first. Knowledge about job hunting, preparation of applications and interviews, and finally contacting potential employers, put graduates on the right track. The more informed you are, the better your chances are in the competitive graduate job market.

Career guidance

By yearly information sessions about labour market related topics, the information library and the yearly AUGENT Graduation Fair during spring, students are encouraged to prepare for graduation; they are offered help to work themselves through the process of career choice. In the Student Counselling Office a specific careers adviser is available for counselling, relating the students’ individual preferred options to opportunities for work or further study which may be available.

Career Center

The UGent Career Center offers an overview of recent vacancies that have been communicated to us by employers, as well as important job events.

Useful jobsites

The Flemish public employment agency