CRIME SCENES. Interwar interiors through the lens of forensic photography

This page is part of our exhibition archive. The exhibition took place from 20-05-2021 to 10-07-2021

CRIME SCENES. Interbelluminterieurs door de lens van de forensische fotografie

Photos of crime scenes form an as yet unexplored but valuable source for research into historic interiors. Original photographs and maps of crime scenes in the provinces of East Flanders and Antwerp in the 1920s and '30s, taken from confidential court records kept in the Belgian State Archives, are shown from this perspective for the first time in VANDENHOVE. They offer an uncensored glimpse into the everyday lives of various segments of the population in different housing types. The exhibition sheds light on the establishment and early functioning of the judicial laboratories in Ghent and Antwerp on the one hand, and on living conditions and interior design during the interwar period on the other.

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Curator: Marjan Sterckx (UGent, Art History, ThIS)
With the cooperation of: Geoffrey Brusatto (graphic design), Paul Drossens (Ghent State Archives), Serafien Hulpiau (Ghent University Library), Geertrui Ivens, Bram Vandeveire and Marthe Bulckaen (Vandenhove, production), Patricia Rau (production), An Vanderveken (scenographic advice), Davy Verbeke (Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities), and Bart Willems (Antwerp-Beveren State Archives)
With the support of: VANDENHOVE, Belgian State Archives, Ghent University Library, UGent Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, UGent-VUB research group The Inside Story. Art, interior & architecture 1750-1950 (ThIS)

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