French Drawings from Delacroix to Bonnard. A selection from the Collection Dauginet

This page is part of our exhibition archive. The exhibition took place from 03-06-2022 to 09-07-2022

Franse tekeningen van Delacroix tot Bonnard. Een keuze uit de collectie DauginetThe Vandenhove Center is showing a selection from the collection of 120 French drawings from the 19th and first half of the 20th century, which Victor Dauginet has given on long-term loan. A number of big names are missing, but the drawings are all of a very high quality, and alongside works by famous artists such as Delacroix, Corot, Dali and Giacometti are drawings by lesser-known artists who are artistically equivalent or historically equally important. The overview offers insight into the essence of French art, which in that unusually rich and surprising period sought its way between the brief but violent storms of the avant-garde and the enduring, quiet charm of a classical tradition - perceived as typically French.

The exhibition, curated by Marc Lambrechts, is accompanied by a publication on the collection and an exhibition guide. 

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