LAMBRIS - Art interventions in the CHU of Charles Vandenhove in Liège

This page is part of our exhibition archive. The exhibition took place from 10-02-2022 to 19-03-2022


With work by: Daniel Buren, Jacques Charlier, Olivier Debré, Jo Delahaut, Simon Hantai, Sol LeWitt, André Romus, Niele Toroni, Claude Viallat, Marthe Wéry, Léon Wuidar

Charles Vandenhove has collaborated with artists from the beginning of his career. A highlight are the panellings, designed by 11 artists, in the circulation rooms of the Centre Hospitalière Universitaire in Liège. The process for manufacturing the panelling was technically developed in collaboration with Simon Hantaï, who himself, not entirely satisfied with the result, did not grant permission for his design to be used. The unique prototypes of his design are, however, in the collection of the VANDENHOVE Centre.

The exhibition presents the CHU project with prototypes or designs for the panellings of Simon Hantaï, Sol LeWitt, Niele Toroni, Claude Viallat and Marthe Wéry, combined with work by these and the other participating artists from the VANDENHOVE art collection.

Exhibition views

Lambris 001.jpg
Lambris 002.jpg
Lambris 003.jpg
Lambris 005.jpg
Lambris 006.jpg
Lambris 008.jpg
Lambris 009.jpg
Lambris 011.jpg

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