Ligne - Linha - Line. 400.000 volts. Trace - Traco – Trace.

This page is part of our exhibition archive. The exhibition took place from 05-11-2021 to 26-11-2021

Ligne - Linha - Line. 400.000 volts. Trace - Traco - Trace

Architect, artist and author Wim Cuyvers (1958°) together with Pedro Prazeres, Francis Jonckheere and Antoine Devaux realized a project on a high voltage line (400,000 volts, from Génissiat to Frasne), which crosses the area of Montavoix where he works. The four of them followed the high voltage line from pylon to pylon, 214 pylons far. The exhibition presents an artistic installation about the project.

Accompanying the exhibition is the book Ligne - Linha - Line. 400.000 volts. Trace - Traco - Trace published.

Wim Cuyvers obtained his degree in architecture at the academy of Ghent (1977-82) and subsequently worked in various national and international architecture studio’s. He then started his own remarkable architecture and art practice, and taught at several architecture schools in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. In 2005 he was awarded the ‘Cultuurprijs’ of the Flemish Community for Architecture. For more than ten years he has been working in Montavoix on projects that test and investigate the commitment and social significance of architecture

Pedro Prazeres: (°1981, Portugal) is a choreographer, dancer and landscape artist whose artistic work evolves around the notions of in-between space, non-place and free will. Based in Porto and in the Cévennes, he crosses the fields of these disciplines to question the way in which Man conditions the Environment and how, reciprocally, the latter can condition the choices & decisions of the former.

Antoine Devaux (° 1989, Frankrijk (St Claude, Jura) studied architecture at La Cambre in Brussels and at ETSAB in Barcelona (Erasmus). In 2012, he deliberately chose to leave the school to devote the time of his graduation project to work with Wim Cuyvers at Montavoi-x/es at Montavoi-x/es. He graduated in 2013 and moved to the Jura the following year where he has been living and working independently ever since.

Francis Jonckheere (°1978, Belgium) works as an architect and occasionally as a market gardener. He studies the the work of the American architect Anne Griswold Tyng since 2011. His drawings, animations, web applications and objects are partly an analysis interpretation and continuity of her work.

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