With the IOF platforms, the Ghent University Association wants to make maximum use of multidisciplinary valorisation opportunities within core expertise domains.

The IOF platforms are at the intersection of various research domains, thus meeting the increasing social and economic importance of interdisciplinarity. The IOF platform coordinator is the central point of contact for a specific area of expertise. 

The platform coordinator mainly focuses on making the core expertise visible and facilitating and setting up interdisciplinary partnerships within AUGent with an eye to the innovation needs of industry. Interaction and cooperation with the industry always takes place in close consultation with the IOF business developers in the lead.

AM Platform

Additive Manufacturing Platform

AM Platform combines and harnesses expertise within AUGent on additive manufacturing/3D printing technologies and its applications, to amplify its impact on industrial, construction, transport, medical and consumer products.


Biorefining of marine resources and marine bio-actives

BIOMARES interconnects the AUGent expertise in the field of marine biorefining and sets up multidisciplinary research initiatives together with key industrial players to facilitate and accelerate the rollout of a sustainable blue bioeconomy.


Center of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering & Manufacturing

End-to-end integrated pharmaceutical manufacturability of tomorrow’s medicines - enabling sustainable innovation in drug substance and drug product production.


Cancer Research Institute Ghent 

Fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research across expertise domains. Bring better and faster results to cancer patients through academia-industry collaboration


Cross-Health platform 

The following disciplines collaborate within the Cross-Health platform to develop applications benefitting human and/or animal health: veterinary and human medicine, plant biotechnology, bio-engineering, medicinal chemistry and data sciences.


U(Z)Gent platform of gene, cell and tissue engineering

Fosters multidisciplinary collaborations across AU(Z)Gent to accelerate the creation and commercialization of cell and tissue engineering research. Covers a broad scope of technologies and expertise applicable to gene and cell therapy, artificial organ systems and regenerative medicine.


Ghent University Hydrogen platform

The Ghent University hydrogen platform combines expertise and helps to set up multidisciplinary research in academia and with industry to accelerate the breakthrough of hydrogen, the crucial link for green fuels and molecules.


image-based Material Characterization

iMATCH unifies interdisciplinary 2D/3D/4D image-based material research at AUGent and facilitates in research collaborations with industry to enable the next generation of complex and multi-functional ‘materials by design’.