GATE – an U(Z)Gent platform of excellence in Cell and Tissue Engineering

The GATE platform clusters excellence in the field of gene, cell and tissue engineering across disciplines, AUGent institutes and hospitals.

It aims at connecting researchers and clinicians who are inspired by the extraordinary potential of emerging cell and tissue engineering technologies to transform the way we treat incurable diseases, build artificial organs and human-on-chips.


The platform covers a broad scope of expertise and applications, from designing genetic tools and cell products for therapy, to the development of new materials to guide stem cell behavior and construct tissues and organs for regenerative medicine, as well as artificial systems for drug screening and personalized medicine. 

Accelerator of collaborative research and valorisation

Through a range of activities for a broad target group of biologists, material scientists, engineers, mathematicians and physicians, the platform fosters multidisciplinary collaborations to accelerate scientific breakthroughs, facilitate funding, and broaden the positive visibility of cell & tissue engineering at U(Z)Gent. The platform is supported by business developers of 7 IOF Business Centers who jointly support the valorisation within the cell and tissue engineering field, and serves as gateway to industry for partnerships, exploitation and commercialisation.

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