Collaboration Department of Geology - 'DOV'

Database Subsurface Flanders, DOV, is the database where you can go for data from the Flemish subsurface.

UGent and DOV are working together to expand the scientific data set on the Flemish subsurface as much as possible. Digitizing the geological archive of Prof. dr. Em. De Breuck was the reason for this collaboration between UGent and DOV.

All geological data from the archive were digitized in DOV. The drilling data, descriptions and interpretations, borehole measurements and granulometry are freely available to everyone. Qualitative input is central here. Geological data from theses and doctorates from the UGent archive were also inventoried and entered in the same way.

DOV metingen uit UGent archief: boringen (links) en boorgatmetingen (rechts)
DOV measurements from UGent archive: boreholes (left) and borehole measurements (right)

The Ghent University Library, which can be consulted via the catalog on, provides an overview of all scientific publications by researchers at UGent. But UGent and DOV want to go further together! DOV makes it possible for UGent staff and students to enter their details in DOV themselves. In this way your scientific contribution will be extra valorized and made known to a large audience. This concerns data that are not covered by the reporting obligation of VLAREL-approved drilling companies.


Suitable data for DOV?

Did you collect data during your research that could be interesting for input into DOV? Then you can enter them yourself and make them available to the larger public, with the approval of your supervisor / head of department.


Is your work eligible for publication via DOV?

→ Is your research area in Flanders?

→ Did you collect geological subsurface data during your research?

→ Are you planning to enter your publication in or is your thesis already uploaded in Minerva or do you intend to do so?

→ Does your supervisor / head of department agree with the publication of the data on DOV?

If you have answered "YES" to all of the above questions, you can submit to DOV!

Both UGent and DOV work with permanent URLs, this way you can refer to each other when entering the data in both systems.


What can you enter in DOV yourself?

→ Newly collected drilling data, with the link to your publication / master's thesis,

→ New geological descriptions and interpretations, linked to the newly collected data

→ Go to the DOV Portal, log in with your Federal Token or your e-ID, and start entering. Read the manual on the DOV website.


What else can you deliver to DOV?

→ Granulometry

→ Borehole measurements

→ Other geological subsurface data from a location in Flanders

→ Other subsurface data from a location in Flanders such as soil data, hyrogeological data, geotechnical data

» Contact DOV on 09 / 240.75.93 or mail to


How do you ensure the link between the digital library of UGent and DOV?

In the DOV assignment sheet, add the permalink of your publication to the University Library to the assignment in the 'Attachment' tab.

In this way your DOV data can be accessed from the UGent digital library and vice versa.