Prof. Richard Hoogenboom

Position: group leaderProf. Richard Hoogenboom (group leader)


Prof. Richard Hoogenboom is heading the Supramolecular Chemistry (SC) group that was founded based on his BOF-ZAP appointment as associate professor in 2010 (full professor since 2014). He obtained a PhD from Eindhoven University of Technology under supervision of Prof. Ulrich S. Schubert and performed postdoctoral research with Prof. Martin Möller (RWTH Aachen) and Prof. Roeland Nolte (Radboud University Nijmegen). Prof. Hoogenboom has published more than 350 refereed scientific articles and received 15,000+ citations (h-index 59) and is listed as inventor on 16 patent families. He is currently associate editor for European Polymer Journal and Australian Journal of Chemistry. Prof. Hoogenboom is the recipient of the inaugural RSC Polymer Chemistry award (2015), the PI IUPAC young investigator award (2016), the Prometheus award for research from Ghent University (2016) and the ACS Macromolecules/Biomacromolecules Young Investigator award (2017). Since January 2018, Prof. Hoogenboom is a cofounder of Avroxa BVBA  that commercialized poly(2-oxazoline)s under the tradename UltroxaTM.



Phone: 09 264 44 82