Valentin Bardoula

Position: doctoral researchervalentinbardoula.png


Valentin Bardoula is a French joint Ph.D. student between the Supramolecular Chemistry group and the Colloids Catalysis Oxidation Group from Lille University, France. From the latter, Valentin obtained his MSc. degree in chemistry and formulation engineering in 2018. During his studies, Valentin has also worked at the Research & Innovation Center of l'Oréal where he further developed his knowledge and skills working with different cosmetics.

Research project:

Valentin investigates the potential use of amphiphilic copoly(2-oxazoline)s in cosmetics. His study includes, inter alia, evaluating different (co)polymer systems on their solution behavior as well as the different hydrophilic-hydrophobic interactions and, investigating their potential use as carriers for active ingredients and as surfactants for emulsions.