Finished PhD projects

In the list below you can find the topics of finished PhD projects. Listed chronologically, newest first.


Pieter De Vis Dust and gas in local galaxies in the equatorial H-ATLAS fields
16 Dec 2016
Peter Camps Monte Carlo radiative transfer simulations of galaxies using numerically generated models 8 Jun 2016
Sébastien Viaene The panchromatic interplay between starlight and dust in Andromeda and the Local Universe 26 May 2016
Bert Vandenbroucke
Advanced models for simulating dwarf galaxy formation and evolution
20 May 2016
Waad Saftly 3D grid structures for realistic radiative transfer simulations of dusty galaxies 15 Jun 2015
Annelies Cloet-Osselaer
Star formation and merger trees in dwarf galaxy simulations
22 Apr 2015
Gert De Geyter Mapping the interstellar dust in galaxies through radiative transfer modelling 30 Mar 2015
Emmanuel Van Hese
Advanced analytical methods for stellar dynamical modelling  19 Jun 2014
Joachim Vanderbeke
Exploring galaxies through stellar kinematics and globular clusters 20 Feb 2014
Joeri Schroyen
Star-formation modes and population gradients in simulated dwarf galaxies
26 Sep 2013
Joris Verstappen
Infrared dust emission from nearby galaxies: radiative transfer simulations and Herschel observations  23 May 2013
Marko Stalevski
Investigating the structure of active galactic nuclei: the dusty torus  12 Nov 2012
Ilse De Looze
Far-infrared/submillimeter properties of the interstellar medium in nearby galaxies  31 May 2012
Vanessa Dury
Instabilities in disc galaxies
3 May 2011
Sander Valcke
Simulations of isolated and interacting dwarf galaxies – comparing virtual stellar systems with reality
3 Sep 2010