Medicinal drugs are the central theme in the teaching and research of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FFW). Research into medicinal drugs is an interdisciplinary happening par excellence.

Basic sciences such as chemistry and biology, and health sciences are practised in an integrated way in pharmacological teaching and research at the faculty.

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‘Past, present and future of the pharmaceutical sciences’

Daan J.A. Crommelin, PhD
Daan Crommelin is professor emeritus at the Department of Pharmaceutics at Utrecht
University. Until December 2011 he was scientifi c director of the Dutch Top Institute Pharma
in Leiden. Now, Crommelin is assistant professor at the department of Pharmaceutics and
Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Utah.
Professor Crommelin is co-founder of OctoPlus, a Leiden based company specialized in the
development of pharmaceutical product formulations and advanced drug delivery systems.
He published extensively and is member of the editorial board of 10 peer reviewed journals
in the Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Daan Crommelin also advises venture capital groups. He chaired the Board of
Pharmaceutical Sciences of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and was chair
of the organizing committee of the Pharmaceutical Sciences World Conference 2007 in
Amsterdam. He is past president of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences
(EUFEPS) and past vice-chair of the scientifi c advisory board of the European Innovative
Medicines Initiative (IMI).