Learning path counselling

The learning path counsellor follows and accompanies the complete study career, from the initial study choice up to the faculty graduation. After the first bachelor he/she functions as an immediate contact person for information and advice, and a guided reference if necessary.

Learning path counsellor

Valentine Vanderhaeghen

Responsibilities of the student counsellor

1. Distribution of advice and information

  • Advice concerning the compounding and approval of individual subject packages and programmes: GIT, credit contract, EVC & EVK
  • Individual study advice with regard to the study progress: study career, study path and results, approach, study behaviour and motivation
  • Information and guidance when important decisions have to be made (initial study choice, optional choices, choices along the way, continue one's studies and proceed to one's doctor's degree, alteration of the study choice
  • Feedback discussions after examinations about study results and study approach, as from 2nd bachelor
  • Providing of information concerning the new BaMa structure, new study programmes and flow-through possibilities, loosening up and flexible study paths (diverse contracts and routes, side-influx through linking and preparation programmes, working with ‘credits’, minores, …)
  • An accompanied reference to study counsellors, education assistants and teachers on the one hand and the central services on the other hand

2. Research

Next to this the learning path counsellor also busies him/herself with (inter)faculty research on

  • Influx profile
  • drop-out (study fall out)
  • and decisive factors in passing and study progress.

Contact: accessible by mail, telephone and at the office (please make an appointment!), every working day from 9.00 tot 12.00 and from 13.30 to 17.00.