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Ghent University is a pluralistic and socially committed institution which is globally active and locally embedded. International contacts and exchanges have always played an important role. We are a leading institution in Europe when it comes to internationalization of higher education as well as in research. Our aim is to further strengthen this position.

As an engaged university we also want to keep and strengthen the ties with our alumni, including our international alumni. For us, international alumni are all those that studied at Ghent University and operate now outside Belgium, irrespective of their nationality.

The development of a global alumni association is an indispensable instrument to strengthen the international profile of our university.

Ghent University Alumni across the world

Community building

International alumni chapters are all about community building. They create opportunities for alumni to connect with each other and constitute a direct link with the alma mater.

As such, they create genuine added value – for you as alumni of course, but also for our university, as the chapters prove to be of immense help in strengthening our global network.

Whether Belgian by nationality or Ghentian through experience, all our alumni share a kind of “UGent-ness”, they share the “Dare to Think / Durf Denken” spirit, which unites them with each other and of course with us as a university. This spirit of belonging to the same community is an asset that we want to develop more, especially by further expanding our international alumni work and alumni chapters.
Rik Van de Walle, rector

We call upon the chapters, the 'alumni ambassadors' and each and every individual member for setting up new forms of cooperation, for establishing links with partner institutions and the local economy, for being involved in student recruitment activities like study abroad fairs, in academic diplomacy and so on.

Given the success of the already existing international alumni chapters, we plan to engage in a more structured way and with even more ambition with our alumni abroad in the future.

Let's keep in touch

Through news feeds about achievements of alumni, newsletters, information about events and other interesting initiatives, we hope to inform you all about what is happening at your alma mater and in the different areas where we operate! To join our alumni network, register today on our online alumni platform Infinitum.

Please join us and get involved!


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