Qing Huang

Exchange Student of Faculty of Law P. R. China

Qing HuangLaw is a major highly related to local culture and civilization. Its characteristics make it difficult for foreigners to understand, but Ghent University made it accessible.

The teaching method was impressive. Students can choose courses they like. The discussions in class were very liberal. Professors welcomed questions and encouraged thinking. For instance, the lecturer of European Labour and Employment Law adopted Socratic method. It was demanding but rewarding because the professor kept asking us questions regarding the case further and further to help us deduce legal principles and understand it thoroughly.

The class was diverse. My classmates and teachers were from several countries and sometimes I was the only Chinese in class. At first, I felt a little lonely and nervous, but then I realized this was the meaning of studying in another country and seeing the world. It provided me with valuable chances to communicate and cooperate with people of different backgrounds and to understand others’ logic and consideration. This process was challenging but inspiring.


Qing Huang was an exchange student of Faculty of Law of Ghent University during the Semester 1 of Academic Year 2013-2014. She got her Bachelor of Law Degree from the Southwest University of Political Science and Law in China in 2015, and obtained the Master of Law Degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016. She is practicing law in China now.