Network structure

Once a year, during the annual meeting, a General Assembly meeting is organised. All members are invited to this meeting, where an evaluation of activities is being made and new ideas and plans are being discussed.

During the annual meeting in November 2017, the ANSER Network established a Management Committee, with the following members:
•    Hazel Barrett (Coventry University-CTPSR)
•    Feng Cheng (Tsinghua University Research Centre For Public Health)
•    Olivier Degomme (UGent-ICRH)               
•    Sonia Dias (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
•    Elin Larsson (Karolinska Institutet)
•    Simukai Shamu (Foundation for Professional Development)
•    Wei-Hong Zhang (Université libre de Bruxelles-SPH – UGent-ICRH)
The management committee takes on the daily management of the network, meeting every two months. They work out operating procedures and guidelines, and provide general support to the Network.