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Application procedure for institutional membership of the ANSER Network

ANSER means to be a true win-win for all partners, bringing together several members of Ghent University’s faculty staff and international partners who have a long-standing expertise in the core topics of the Network. In the spirit of collaboration ANSER is an open Network and encourages other institutions to join, share, contribute and collaborate. Institutions or departments that want to join the Network can apply using the documents on the website. The only condition is that the institution/department is working in the field of SRHR research. There is no membership fee. Upon application, the applicant partner institution will be a candidate-partner institution. In this position, staff of the candidate-partner institution can join working groups and collaborate with other partner institutions.

The full candidacy will be yearly decided by the entire Network with 2/3 majority votes of members present at the Annual Meeting. As a full partner institution, staff of the institution can now join all activities and participate in all programmes of ANSER.

Download the application form here.


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