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Recent highlights in our research

March 2021

Surrounded by intense anthropogenic activities, urban rivers have become one of the major greenhouse gas sources. Our research recently revealed how water pollution can amplify the emissions of rivers. These outcomes were highlighted in a recently published article in BBC Future Planet. The cited research is a part of a thorough investigation in the Cuenca river basin in Ecuador, that was published in Biogeosciences and Water Research. The latter demonstrated that natural wastewater treatment plants are also releasing high amount of CO2 and CH4 as a result of regular influx of pollutants. These studies were supported by VLIR-UOS via the Biodiversity Network Ecuador, which aims to find innovative solutions for improving water management.
Research in the context of high mountain lakes of the VLIR-UOS projects n Ecuador and cooperation with HOGent and UTN, is presented on the cover of the journal Biotropica.

Recently defended PhDs


  • Ecological Assessment of Rivers and Streams in the Rwenzori Region, Uganda. (Peace Sasha Liz Musonge - 17.12.2020)
  • Integrating Innovative Fish Monitoring and Data Analysis to Support Management of Aquatic Ecosystems. (Stijn Bruneel - 28.09.2020)
  • Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture in Relation to Environmental Sustainability and Food Supplies in Thailand. (Tiptiwa Sampantamit - 22.06.2020)
  • Age Determination and Population Modelling of Labeobarbus Species to Support Fisheries Management in Lake Tana, Ethiopia. (Shewit Gebremdhin Kidane - 19.05.2020)
  • Data-Driven Models and Trait-Oriented Experiments of Aquatic Macrophytes to Support Freshwater Management. (Wout Van Echelpoel - 15.05.2020)