Ruminant nutrition

  • Diagnostic milk based tests

Research focuses on the potential of milk fatty acid models as non-invasive tools as alternative for ‘gold standard’ blood samples, reflecting metabolic disorders such as subacute rumen acidosis, hyperketonemia, elevated non-esterified fatty acids levels or reproduction problems.

  • Natural rumen by-pass technology

By-pass technologies are necessary to limit microbial degradation of essential nutrients. Thorough knowledge is gathered on different rumen by-pass techniques. A mechanism is developed based on the natural omnipresent enzyme polyphenol oxidase, through cross-linking of proteins, enabling to protect both lipophilic and hydrophilic compounds.

  • Dairy diet formulation in the tropics

The lab has profound experience in collecting information on nutritional characteristics of tropical feed resources. Research focuses on formulation of economically feasible diets using locally available feed resources for smallholder farmers in tropical regions, ensuring high efficiency and product quality.


Services offered by Lanupro: fatty acid analysis and in vitro simulations


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