Abdul M. Mouazen

Abdul M. Mouazen is a Full Professor and leader of the Precision Soil and Crop Engineering (PreSco) Group. He holds a PhD degree in numerical modelling of soil-tillage tools interaction. Abdul has a background in the application of engineering principles to soil and water management, with specific applications in soil dynamics, tillage, traction, compaction, mechanical weeding, soil remediation and management and precision agriculture. He has about 20-year experience in proximal soil sensing, and he is a member of Global Proximal Soil Sensing Group. Abdul has implemented different spectroscopy techniques for the analysis of soil, manure, honey, milk, cheese, mandarin, and other food and natural materials. He has developed one of three internationally patented on-line measurement systems of soil properties. Abdul has coordinated two major European projects (i.e., FarmingTruth funded by European Space Agency & FarmFUSE, funded by EU-FP7 under IRA-NET, ICT-AGRI) and has been a partner in several other national and international projects. He is currently the leader of the Precision Scoring research group and the coordinator of the 3.5 M EUR worth Site Specific Soil & Crop Management (SiTeMan) project, funded by FWO, Belgium. Abdul is an Associate Editor of Soil & Tillage Research, Soil Research, Biosystems Engineering and Soils.