Danyang Liu

PhD Student

danyang-liu.jpgResearch Field : Lipid oxidation, non-thermal plasma, lipidomics

Danyang Liu graduated as Master of Science in Food Technology (IUPFOOD) from the InterUniversity Program at Ghent University and KULeuven in 2020. He conducted master thesis in laboratory of food technology at KULeuven, focusing on influence of preprocessing on the functionality of pumpkin pomace as a texturizing ingredient. Soon after, he started to work in research group of Food Chemistry and Human Nutrition (nutriFOODchem) at UGent as a PhD student.

He is dedicated to examine the impact of non-thermal plasma (NTP) on lipid model systems in the PhD work. Non-thermal plasma is a novel technology for food preservation and safety control with reasonable food quality maintained. Since reactive species generated by plasma discharge can also promote oxidative progress, he will investigate the impact of NTP on lipid model systems including fatty acid methyl esters, triacylglycerol mixtures and lecithin stabilized emulsions.

To examine the plasma induced effects, he will analyse volatile oxidation products by Headspace GC-MS via stable isotope dilution, and non-volatile products (e.g. epoxy, oxo, hydroxy fatty acids) using GC-MS or LC-MS where appropriate. Finally, he will dig into lipidomic analysis with help of tandem mass spectrometry. This PhD is part of a GOA-BOF project which requires collaboration between RUPT (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture), FMFP (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering) and nutriFOODchem Research Units.

Atencio, S., Bernaerts, T., Liu, D., Reineke, K., Hendrickx, M., & Van Loey, A. (2021). Impact of processing on the functionalization of pumpkin pomace as a food texturizing ingredient. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 69(January), 102669.