Fatima Taghlaoui

PhD Student

Fatima TaghlaouiFatima Taghlaoui started working as a scientific staff in the Research Unit Food Microbiology and Food Preservation in 2019. Her previous research focused on food spoilage (moulds, yeast, and bacteria) and Listeria monocytogenes.

In 2022 she started her PhD in process validation of microbial inactivation processes in the food industry. It is a project in co-operation with Flanders Food with active participation of companies. The promotor and co-promotor of this PhD thesis are prof. dr. ir. Frank Devlieghere and dr. ir. An Vermeulen.

In 2019 she received a Master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering Technology from the University of Ghent in Belgium. She won the KVCV (Royal Flemish Chemical Society) prize for the best thesis of her year. The thesis title: The impact of the evolution of Bacillus cereus spores on food safety: characterisation of the vegetative cells of UV and heat resistant spores. Promotor: prof. dr. ir. Frank Devlieghere – Copromotor: prof. dr. Andreja Rajkovic – Tutor: MSc. Katrien Begyn

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Fatima Taghlaoui