Filip Van Bockstaele

Prof. microstructure-based product development

FilipVanBockstaele.jpgFilip Van Bockstaele is a scientist in the domain of microstructure-based product development. He studies food structures from nano- to macroscale aiming at designing new food microstructures with enhanced functionality, healthier composition, improved sensory properties or enhanced stability and shelf-life. 

Prof. Filip Van Bockstaele (1981) holds a diploma of master of science in bioscience engineering: chemistry (2004). He started as research assistant at University College Ghent and obtained a PhD in applied biological sciences: chemistry (2011) from Ghent University, Belgium. The PhD dissertation was entitled ‘Changes in rheology and microstructure of bread dough’. Further, he is holder of a teacher's degree obtained at Ghent University. After the PhD, he joined the research group of cereal and feed technology in a position as doctor-assistant. Since 2018, he is appointed as assistant professor (40%) in microstructure-based product development at the department of food technology, safety and health and he became the director of the Vandemoortele Centre ‘Lipid Science and Technology’. More information regarding the Vandemoortele Centre can be found at

Prof. Filip Van Bockstaele’s research area covers aspects on structure design of foods. Research is focused on fysico-chemical properties and microstructure visualization of food structures such as fat crystal networks, oleogels, emulsions and starch or protein based products. The goal is to understand the interaction between the structure building components such as proteins, carbohydrates, hydrocolloids, starch and lipids to be able to design food structures with enhanced functionality. His expertise is mainly focused on bakery products and lipid based food products such as margarines and shortenings.


Filip Van Bockstaele