Hanne Criel

PhD Student

Hanne CrielHanne works in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, 3D cell culture models.

Hanne Criel obtained an MSc in Bio-Science Engineering at the Faculty of Bio-Science Engineering at Ghent University in 2019. She did her master thesis, entitled “Intracellular quercetin accumulation and its impact on cellular stress: an in vitro study” at the Department of Food Technology, Safety and Nutrition at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University with Prof. Van Camp as promotor.

The following year, she worked as a research scientist at the R&D expertise center of Rousselot, based in Ghent. In March 2021, Hanne started as PhD researcher on a VLAIO research project about the development of novel biomaterials for regenerative medicine, a multidisciplinary project she wrote in collaboration with Rousselot and the 'nutriFOODchem' research group of Ghent University.
During her project, Hanne investigates the development of novel, well-characterized and ultrapure extracellular matrix based biomaterials suitable for the creation of 3D printed cell-culture models that better mimic the human physiology.

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Hanne Criel