Helena Everaert

PhD researcher

HelenaEveraert.pngHelena her PhD research combines biotechnology and food chemistry in the field of cocoa and chocolate. Vietnamese cacao cultivars were sampled on farm and further processed from bean to cacao liquor at the lab in Belgium. The genetic diversity of the cacao cultivars was assessed and selected cultivars are analyzed based on physical quality characteristics and biochemical parameters. 

Helena received an MSc degree in Applied Biosciences: Food industry in 2014 from Ghent University, Belgium. In October 2014 she joined Ghent University as an assistant and PhD researcher. 

Her research focuses on Theobroma cacao in Vietnam. The goal of this research is a genetic and functional characterization of promising Vietnamese cacao cultivars to select the most qualitative cultivars for origin chocolate production. The obtained results can be used to conserve valuable genetic material and to improve the high-quality Vietnamese cocoa production. She has attended international congresses as an oral presenter and obtained international teaching experiences.


Helena Everaert