Klaas De Baerdemaeker

Phd Student

Klaas De BaerdemaekerKlaas De Baerdemaeker is a PhD student working at the Food Microbiology and Food preservation (FMFP) Research Unit. He studies non-thermal plasma applications for food treatment purposes.

Klaas received a BSc in Bioscience Engineering (Main Subject Chemistry and Food Technology) in 2018 and graduated as Master of Science in Bioscience Engineering (Food Science and Nutrition) at Ghent University in 2020. His master thesis was aimed at isolating and characterizing specific spoilage organisms in intermediate moisture foods. Shortly after, he started a PhD at the FMFP research unit.

In his PhD, he studies the antibacterial properties of non-thermal plasma. The aim is to find the bacterial inactivation mechanism, the effect of product properties and other influencing factors. This knowledge will subsequently be used for testing non-thermal plasma treatment in food products. This PhD is part of a GOA-BOF project which goes beyond our faculty borders. It is a collaboration between RUPT (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture), NutriFOODChem (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering) and the FMFP Research Unit.

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Klaas De Baerdemaeker