Linyun Chen

PhD Student

Linyunchen.jpgLinyun Chen is a PhD student currently focusing on the topic “Modelling microbial spoilage in pork packed under modified atmospheres”, under the supervision of Prof. Frank Devlieghere and Prof. Peter Ragaert. This present research belongs to the domains of food microbiology and preservation and has got sponsorship from China Scholarship Council (CSC).

He obtained a Bachelor degree in Food Science and Engineering in 2017 from South China University of Technology (SCUT), and in 2020 he graduated as a master in Food Engineering at SCUT. From 2017 to 2020 he worked as an assistant for the undergraduate practical course Principle of Food Processing and Preservation. In 2021, he joined Ghent University as a PhD student.

He worked mostly with high hydrostatic pressure and its effects on the quality and preservation of aquatic food during his bachelor and master period. He was also involved in infrared drying technology and chilled storage equipped with LED radiation. At present, his main focus is modified atmosphere packaging, with the aims to characterize pork spoilage under different conditions, to identify the correlation between meat microbiota, sensory characteristics and volatile organic compounds, and further to establish predictive models for the spoilage process. As an outcome of these studies, he’s participated in the publication of several journal papers, conference papers and patents as a co-author/inventor.