Mariem Somrani

Post-doctoral Researcher

MariemSomrami.jpgMariem Somrani is working on a project that aims at sustainable food packaging. Additionally, she is working on the microbiological aspects of food safety and preservation.

Mariem is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Food Microbiology and Food Preservation (FMFP) research unit. She is a beneficiary of a prestigious Postdoctoral scholarship funded by The Spanish Ministry of Universities and the European Union. She holds a Master and PhD degree in Advanced Techniques for Research and Development in Food and Agriculture from the Technical University of Cartagena (Spain).

Her research has always focused on food safety and quality. She has been working on new tools and processes for the analysis and improvement of microbial food safety. The most used techniques or methods she is dealing with are heat treatment for bacterial inactivation, the use of natural antimicrobials against planktonic and sessile bacteria, food analysis and quality control.
Her research results have been published and presented at national and international conferences.