Rongxue Sun

rongxuesun-jpgPhD Student

Her research focus on acid-tolerant spore-forming spoilage bacteria.

The goal of her research is to quantify and identify the acid-tolerant spore-forming bacteria collected from pasteurized (acid) sauces, and assess their spoilage potential. Also, she seeks at providing information to develop processing and preservation strategies to minimize the potential of acid-tolerant spore formers to spoil pasteurized sauces. She is holding a CSC-grant for her PhD research.

She received a MSc degree in Food Science in 2017 from Ocean University of China. Since 2017, she joined Ghent University as a PhD student.

Rongxue Sun works on functional food during her master's degree. Now she is in the field of food preservation and food microbiology.  Her PhD project is about the effect of preservation factors and their combination on acid-tolerant spore-forming spoilage bacteria..


Rongxue Sun