Trui Luyckx

truiluyckx-pngDoctoral student (SBO project)

Trui Luyckx investigates the health effects of food-derived amyloid proteins, before and after digestion, with the use of in vitro cellculture models.

She graduated in 2018 as a Master in Bio-Science Engineering: Food Sciences and Nutrition. After completing her master thesis at nutriFOODchem, she started her PhD at the same research group in Septembre 2018.

Her research is focused on amyloid proteins. These are protein fibrils consisting of a characteristic cross-beta-sheet structure.

Her study examines whether or not amyloid proteins in the diet survive digestion and whether or not they exert a cytotoxic effect on the intestinal barrier. In addition, it is checked whether these fibrillary structures are able to cross the intestinal barrier, simulated by in vitro cell culture models.

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Trui Luyckx