Viet Nguyen

Phd Student

VietNguyen.jpgMr. Viet is a researcher of Food Science and Technology. He interests in investigating the microstructure of food systems and their roles to the physicochemical properties of fat based products. His research objectives include fat blends, oil-in-water emulsions, water-in-oil emulsions and double emulsions.  He is an author and co-author of one book chapter and 7 peer-review papers.

He received a MSc degree in Food Science and Technology (IUPFOOD) in 2013 from Ghent University and KU.Leuven in Belgium. Since 2015, he joined Ghent University, Laboratory of Food Engineering and Technology (FTE) as a PhD student.

His project is a collaboration between Laboratoty FTE (UGent), Vandemoortele Lipid Science and Technology Center (UGent) and Nong Lam University (Vietnam). The study focuses on the fat crystallization in the blends between edible fats and vegetable oils. The goal of project is increasing the understandment of fat compatibilty between palm oil and butter fat, investigating the effects of processing and storage conditions on fat stability of shortening/margarine.