Zijian Zhi

PhD student

ZijianZhi.jpgZijian Zhi will carry out research in the domain of lipid structuring focusing on fat crystallization and the impact of ultrasound on crystallization kinetics and lipid structure. Besides, he will also investigate alternative structuring methodologies for lipids such as double emulsions, oleogels etc. 

Zijian Zhi received a MSc degree in Food Engineering in 2017 from Zhejiang University in China. Since 2019, he joined Laboratory of Food Technology and Engineering at Ghent University as a PhD student.

Zijian currently focuses on effect of ultrasound on fat crystallization in food industry. The goal of his interdisciplinary research is to explore how ultrasound can modify the crystallization kinetics and affect the structure formulation.
In the past, his work was about the preparation, modification and characterization of ultra-low molecular weight polysaccharides with higher bioactivities, like pectin, fucoidan and heparin, using FT-IR, HILIC-MS, NMR and so on. This research had already applied in health supplements.


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