Fanny D'hondt

Fanny Dhondt

Sociology , Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
CESSMIR , Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Phone: +32 9 264 91 61

Research themes: Discrimination, racism and prejudice || Children, youth and families || Education and training

Fanny D'hondt focused in her PhD on how the experience of ethnic discrimination is related to the achievement and school wellbeing of pupils with a migration background in Flanders. In this context, she realized a large-scale survey of 4322 pupils and 659 teachers in 55 secondary schools in Flanders. After successfully defending her PhD in 2015, Fanny started working as a researcher at GUBERNA (The Institute for Directors, a center of expertise on good governance). She was responsible for all research projects related to governance issues within the public sector, the hospital sector and non-profit organizations. Since 2019, Fanny is coordinator of EdisTools. An FWO SBO project focused on understanding and addressing ethnic discrimination in education, healthcare, the housing market and the labor market. Her current research is situated in the fields of ethnic relations, discrimination and sociology of education.

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