Master in Statistical Data Analysis


Welcome to the latest practical updates for students in the Master in Statistical Data Analysis at Ghent University. For general information about the programme, please consult the study guide: Master in Statistical Data Analysis.

If you have a question and do not find the answer here, please contact us at .

When do classes start?

Consult the academic calendar.

What ICT-facilities do you need?

To get off to a good start, make sure you are up to speed with the following ICT-facilities offered by Ghent University for students and staff with a valid Ghent University account.


Once your registration or enrolment has been completed successfully, you will obtain your Ghent University account data including your university email-address, login name and password. Your Ghent University e-mail address looks like this: Via webmail you can immediately manage your e-mail, using any internet connection.

Your Ghent University e-mail address will be used for all communication, so please do make sure that you complete the registration process in time to avoid delays.


Oasis is the IT-system that supports the processes and activities concerning the education and student administration. By means of the Oasis web application (available at students can consult information on their enrolment(s), change address and print certificates. It is also the main tool for the management of your curriculum.


At Ghent University, the official digital learning environment Ufora is used to provide information and course material.

Ufora is the most important method of communication between staff and students, so make sure that you are subscribed on Ufora to all the courses in your curriculum and the info site of the Master of Science in Statistical Data Analysis (code CNSDAN).


Via Athena at you can use software for which Ghent University has a license agreement. The software you can use is delivered from central servers and is not installed on your computer. Some programs, such as anti-virus software, can be installed locally on your computer. Further information on access, first use and available software is available from the ICT helpdesk.


If you want to connect to the UGent network from outside, you need to set up a VPN connection. More info is given on the ICT helpdesk website.

Where can I find my class schedule?

Class and exam schedules can be consulted on Oasis or on timeedit. More details can be found at the studentportal.

How can I best spread the program over multiple years?

Who do I contact if I have a question?

If you have a question and did not find the answer here, please contact us at .