The Center of Excellence in Data Analysis and Statistical Science is a partnership between all professors at Ghent University with research topics in statistics. All but 3 faculties are represented.

On a regular basis, seminars are being organised. View the events calendar on the home page for upcoming seminars.

Faculty of Sciences

  • Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

The Statistics group develops statistical methodology motivated by practical problems, primarily from the bio-medical field. In particular, we apply and develop methodology for the design and analysis of important data sets from (bio-medical) researchers, the industry and government.

Research Topics:

  • Causal inference: evaluating the impact of exposures and interventions on the basis of randomised experiments and observational data.
  • High-dimensional data analysis: ensuring valid inference when controlling for large numbers of variables.
  • Missing data: minimising the information loss from incomplete data, and eliminating bias due to selective missingness.
  • Flexible modeling: finding the best-fitting distribution for complex data sets, under the requirement that the distribution is versatile, parameter-parsimonious and easily interpretable.
  • Stein's Method in statistics: uncovering utterly new statistical methods and insights into statistical concepts via this powerful tool from probability theory, with particular focus on Bayesian statistics, asymptotic distribution of estimators, goodness-of-fit tests.
  • Sports statistics: developing improved sport rankings based on sound statistical methods, and devising visualization and data analysis methods for the growing field of sports analytics.
  • Statistical genetics
  • Survival analysis



Faculty of Medicine and Health science

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering