Luc Duchateau


Luc Duchateau has been working mainly in the field of multivariate survival data. He developed new methodology for modelling multivariate survival data in the field of medicine (allergy, oncology) and veterinary medicine. He contributed a Springer-Verlag book ‘the frailty model’ in this field, next to a series of papers in statistical journals.

Another keen interest is experimental design, for which Luc develops new methods and materials to explain basic concepts to investigators.

Luc is also active in Africa and Latin America in statistical education. He supports the development of new MSc Programs in Biostatistics, e.g., at Jimma University, Ethiopia,  or reinforces existing ones, e.g., at Espol, Ecuador. He also is a promotor of a number of African PhD students in statistics.

Apart from the statistical work done in Africa, Luc is also engaged in field research related to different vector borne diseases, with the emphasis on control of the vector. In Ethiopia, he works on the control of the Anopheles mosquito, which transmits the Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria, and on the tsetse fly, the vector of trypanosomes causing sleeping sickness. In Morocco, the research theme is tick-borne diseases where mainly the acaricide resistance is investigated.