Yves Rosseel


Yves Rosseel was trained as a Theoretical and Experimental Psychologist in Ghent University, and obtained a PhD at the same university on a topic in the field of Mathematical Psychology. After some post-doctoral years in Warwick (UK) and Leuven, he joined the Department of Data Analysis in Ghent, where he is now an Associate Professor.


Yves Rosseel is interested in applying modern data-analytical techniques to answer research questions in Psychology and Educational Sciences. To this end, he started a faculty-wide statistical consultancy service for research staff, and he was often involved as a co-author of research papers in a wide variety of disciplines. Around 2005, he founded the neuroimaging data analysis research group in his department (currently chaired by Daniele Marinazzo). Since 2010, his main research interest is structural equation modeling.

Software development

Yves Rosseel is the developer of an open-source software package for structural equation modeling: the R package lavaan