Department of Veterinary and Biosciences participates in educating within the Veterinary Medicine course:

Overview for Educational Activities


  • Bio-Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry I
  • Biochemistry II


  • Applied Biomedical Statistics
  • Biomedical Statistics, Computational Biology and Information Acquisition

Ethology and Animal Welfare

  • Ethology, Animal Ethics and Study of Breeds (1st Bachelor)
  • Clinical and Communicative Skills I (2nd Bachelor)
  • Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare (3rd Bachelor)
  • Ruminant and Porcine Herd Health Medicine, with Clinical Training II (2nd Master option Ruminants and option Pig, Poultry, Rabbit)
  • Equine Nutrition and Behavioural Therapy, with Clinical Training (2nd Master option Horse)


  • Molecular and General Genetics
  • Pathogenetics

Gene Therapy

  • Bio-organic Chemistry


  • Animal Nutrition
  • Advanced Nutrition of Pigs, Poultry and Rabbits