Laboratory of Animal Nutrition

Labo Diervoeding



The theoretical and practical courses that takes care of the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition are Animal Nutrition (3rd bachelor), species-specific nutrition and dietetics at the various options in 3rd master piece and the Experimental Animal Nutrition in Laboratory Animal Science. Furthermore members who joined this lab in post-graduate education within and outside the faculty.

In clinical dietetics (mainly companion animals), the students are familiar with nutrition and curative and preventive medicine. Here there is also a residency program accredited by the American College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ECVCN).



The main research themes are:

  • feed intake regulation and energy homeostasis
  • the impact of nutrition on intestinal microbiota and host physiology
  • the role of nutrition in immune competence and inflammatory diseases
  • the role of trace elements in the metabolism

These themes are mainly studied in dogs, cats, pigs, equine, birds (chicken, pigeon, parrot, ...), but also sometimes for minor species (eg. Zoo animals).



The laboratory conducts food-related experiments with dogs, cats, chickens, ponies, pigeons and pigs for third parties but also does nutritional analysis in the framework of services and clinic. Furthermore, the staff can provide very frequent dietary advice to veterinarians, pet owners, businesses, government and other agencies. These include the clinical consultations concerning dietetics.