IVIS Lumina II

We offer the possibility to research groups and companies to evaluate the in vivo behavior and biological effect of their siRNA, gene based medicines, anti-cancer agents, etc. using the IVIS Lumina II.


IVIS Lumina II in vivo optical imaging system


IVIS Lumina II


Description and capabilities. The IVIS Lumina II is capable of imaging fluorescent, bioluminescent and phosphorescent reporters present in living small animals (mice, rats, fish etc.). It can be used to study in living animals (1) the expression of genes using bioluminescent or fluorescent reporters, (2) the biodistribution of fluorescent labeled compounds, (3) tumor growth and metastasis, (4) viral or bacterial infections, (5) the migration of (stem) cells, etc. The system includes a sensitive deep-cooled CCD camera, a light-tight imaging chamber, gas anesthesia, a temperature controlled stage, and image analysis using spectral un-mixing software. Eighteen band-pass emission filters covering a spectrum between 500nm and 850nm are available in the laboratory. These high resolution filters allow the simultaneous detection of multiple fluorescent probes in one animal. Up to 5 mice or two rats can be imaged simultaneously with the IVIS Lumina II.


Conditions of use. Both academic and industrial groups can make use of the IVIS Lumina II optical imaging system. Prices for using the IVIS Lumina II and infrastructure are on demand for industrial groups. Conditions of use for academic groups are mutually discussed.


For more information and booking contact Niek Sanders (Niek.Sanders@UGent.be).