Advanced academic training

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Ghent University there are two different types of continuing education. First of all there are the the continuing education organised by the Institute for Continuing Education. Second there are the diplomate education of several European Colleges.


1. Continuing Education (organised by the Institute for Continuing Education)

Modular continuing education

Every year several modules of permanent education are organised. Each module deals with a specific subject concerning the medicine of a certain animal species. All modules can be attended by all veterinarians. Each module takes one day, half a day or one evening. The subjects dealt with in these modules differ from year to year. The complete programme of all the modules for one year can be consulted here.

Each module is certified with a certificate of attendance. In the near future the attendance of veterinarians to such permanent education modules will become compulsory in order to achieve the "Good Veterinary Practice certificate.

Post Academic Education: specialised vet in a specific species

The purpose of these courses is to update and to extend the medical knowledge of a specific animal species. Veterinarians who experience the need to update their knowledge of the field they are working in or veterinarians who take an interest in a different species from the one they used to work with may attend these courses. They last for two or three years.

2. Diplomate education

Among the facultystaff, there are many diplomats with whom applicants can workout a programme for an internship or a residency. After the residency the applicant can take the exam at the college where he or she resided. If the student succeeds, he or she obtains the title of Diplomate of the European College of the respective discipline.