Erasmus - Life Long Learning Program at the UGent Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

We are very pleased that you are interested in studying at our Faculty. You may experience the Belgian society, culture, culinary richness, friendship and of course our high level academic trainings.

Each academic year we have various vacancies available for exchange students coming from a University with which we have a bilateral agreement eg. within the Erasmus+ program. If your home University does not have such an agreement with our Faculty, you may send a mail to our International Office ( stipulating your request.

If our Faculty has an exchange agreement with your home University, you may apply as an exchange student. Before applying to our Faculty as an exchange student, you need to be nominated first by the International Office of your home University. Importantly, to be eligible to apply for an Erasmus exchange at our Faculty, you will have to provide a proof that you are in your last year of veterinary study and that you have good knowledge of the English language (B2).