Exchange Programmes

We are very pleased that you are interested in studying at our Faculty. You may experience our our high level academic training and the Belgian society, culture, culinary richnesses, friendship and so much more!

Each academic year we have various vacancies available for exchange students coming from a University with which we have a bilateral agreement eg. within the Erasmus+ program. If your home University does not have such an agreement with our Faculty, you may send a mail to our International Office ( stipulating your request.

If our Faculty has an exchange agreement with your home University, you may apply as an exchange student.  In this case you are able to join our faculty for traineeship, clinic or master dissertation. Importantly, to be eligible to apply for an Erasmus exchange at our Faculty, you will have to provide a proof that you are in your last year of veterinary study and that you have good knowledge of the English language (B2).
You can choose from one of the four clinical programmes offered at our faculty.

Clinical rotation in small animals

Clinical rotation in horses

Clinical rotation in ruminants

Clinical rotation in horses/ruminants/small animal

  • All clinical programmes for exchange students will take place in the 1st semester (September-December) and the 2nd semester (February-May) of the academic year.
  • If you apply for one of our four clinical programmes you need to indicate the programmes of your choice on your 'Learning Agreement' as well as the period (1st or 2nd semester) you apply for.
  • Due to the high number of applications, we most likely will have to make a selection.
  • It is mandatory that you are vaccinated against tetanus. Therefore, you need to supply us with a certificate that you were vaccinated against tetanus in the past 10 years.
  • Prior to selection, you may be asked to phone us so we can assess your knowledge of the English language.
  • The decision on acceptance will be communicated to you by June 1st (1st semester) and December 1st (2nd semester).
  • Please proceed to How to apply

Research stay/ traineeship

If you apply for traineeship or research stays kindly fill out the Learning Agreement for traineeship for EU or traineeship Non-EU and upload this into your online application. Please note that no agreement between the universities is necessary in this case but you will have to have an agreement with one of our professors. 

How to apply

Upon doing this, mind the following: You will not be able to indicate the training itself via the learning agreement in the web application so you may leave this blank. However, you will need to upload the Learning agreement under “Documents”. You may do this as follows. You will find the requested Learning agreement for Traineeships via this link, if you have chosen a clinical rotation kindly fill out the name of the rotation as subject in the learning agreement. You need to upload a signed document (by yourself and your home university) under “Documents”.

Start your application via the UGent website

Submission deadlines

For taking part in one of our clinical programmes please note that the submission of your application should be done before May 15th (for the 1st semester or autumn semester) and November 15th (for the 2nd semester or spring semester)! These deadlines will be strictly applied! The selection results will be presented on the 1st of June (for the 1st semester or autumn semester) and the 1st of December (for the 2nd semester or spring semester)

These deadlines do not apply to students who are coming in the framework of master dissertation research, PhD studies or research stays. They should submit their application at least two months prior to arrival.

Your stay: before, during and end.