Dean's Office



Prof. dr. Ann Martens


    Tel: +32 9 264 75 03

    Faculty Administration

    • Responsible professor: Ann Martens (Dean)
    • Responsible: Angelique Delang 
    • Overall administration and accountancy:

    Vannesa Van Den Berge and Delphine Vermeersch

    • Infrastructure auditoria, livestreaming & web content:

    Bart De Poortere

    Faculty Educational Services

    • Responsible professor: Jimmy Saunders (Director of Studies)
    • Responsible CKO: Werner Swannet
    • Faculty Student Administration (
    • Monitoring service:

    Delphine Boone and Baptist Matthys (

    • Curriculum manager: Lynn Coryn

    Faculty International Office

    • Responsible professor: Sarah Gabriël (Chair FCI)


    • Policy advisor: Tanya Struik

    Academy of Veterinary Medicine

    • Responsible professor: Frederik Pille (Head Academy for Veterinary Medicine)
    • Responsible: Angelique Delang
    • Administrative staff:

    Delphine Vermeersch and Fanny Wallaert

    Faculty Externshipcoordination

    • Responsible professor: Jimmy Saunders (Chair Educational Programme)
    • Responsible: Lut Dhont

    Faculty Library

    • Responsible professor: Luc Peelman 
    • Responsible: Jan Bauwens


    Flemish Veterinary Magazine

    • Responsible professor: Luc Peelman 
    • Responsible:  Nadia Eeckhout