Ongoing projects

Title Investigator(s) Country Period
Alleviate zoonotic and animal tick-borne diseases in Morocco Luc Duchateau & Sylvie Daminet Morocco 2018-2023
Statistics for development Luc Duchateau & Ziv Shkeddy & Iven Van Mechelen Africa-Latin America 2018-2021
Investigating the role of ruminants in the development of human diarrhea in Ethiopia caused by bacterial zoonoses Sarah Gabriël Ethiopia 2017-2012
The epidemiology of bovine cysticercosis infections in Ethiopia Sarah Gabriël Ethiopia 2017-2012
Towards improved monitoring of human soil-transmitted helminthiases by serology Peter Geldhof & Bruno Levecke Ethiopia 2017-2012
Network for Advancement of Sustainable Capacity in Education and Research in Ethiopiaa Luc Duchateau Ethiopia 2017-2027
University collaboration for better health in Ethiopia Luc Duchateau Ethiopia 2017-2027
Starworms Bruno Levecke & Jef Vercruysse 2016-2019
Validation of the diagnostic performance of a molecular tool designed to detect cell free DNA of soil-transmitted helminths Bruno Levecke & Jef Vercruysse 2016-2018
Evaluation of an antibody detecting point-of-care test for the diagnosis of Taenia solium taeniasis and (neuro)cysticercosis Sarah Gabriël & Pierre Dorny South-Africa 2016-2020
Designing a cost-effective system to monitor mass drug administration programmes implemented to control soil-transmitted helminth infections in children Bruno Levecke & Jef Vercruysse 2016-2018
Taenia solium elimination versus control: what is the best way forward for Sub-Saharan Africa? Sarah Gabriël & Pierre Dorny Sub-Saharan Africa 2015-2020
Trypanosoma equiperdum. Venereal pathogenity and transmission. Ann van Soom & Jan Govaere & Luc Duchateau & Bruno Goddeeris Ethiopia 2013-2018