Epidemiology unit


 The expertise of the veterinary epidemiology unit of the faculty of veterinary medicine lies in the triangle of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), antimicrobial usage (AMU) and biosecurity.


One health approach


AMR fits perfectly in the field of research of veterinary epidemiology. Not only does AMR have very complex routes of transmission, it is also a one-health issue as it impacts both veterinary and human medicine. AMU and biosecurity are strongly associated with AMR, with AMU being the main driver of AMR and biosecurity being a tool to reduce AMU. However, many questions situated within this triangle remain unanswered and are therefore the main focus of some of our  research projects that are described below.

 Also interested in a project?

When you are in interested in a collaboration or you would like to make use of our expertise, please contact Prof. dr. Jeroen Dewulf.


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EFFORT Ecology from Farm to Fork Of microbial drug Resistance and Transmission 01-01-2014 13:37
Dysbird ongoing research examines the pathogenesis, diagnosis and prevention of nonspecific intestinal health problems in broilers 01-01-2014 13:37
I-4-1-Health Interreg project i-4-1-Health, work package 5 01-01-2017 13:37
BOBIOSEC tudying the biosecurity level of cattle farms, taking into account the different production systems, in order to propose guidelines for improvements to prevent ... 01-01-2015 13:37
BPG-AB Produce better without the use of antibiotics 01-01-2018 13:37
DISARM Disseminating Innovative Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Management 31-01-2019 13:37
Pupwelfare research within the PupWelfare project focuses on welfare, behaviour and health of puppies sold in Belgium 01-01-2014 13:37