Challenging The Mainstream: Critical, Post(-)colonial, and Decolonial theory

Target audience

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers

Organizing and scientific committee

Anissa Bougrea, Ghent University 

Prof. Jan Orbie, Ghent University

Prof. Koenraad Bogaert, Ghent University

Martina Chiara Tallarita, Ghent University

Salma Mediavilla Aboulaoula, Ghent University

Juliette Billiet, Ghent University


This doctoral course examines the fundamentals of the decolonial, post(-)colonial, and feminist theory, with specific reference to their roles within the university context, and aims to democratize knowledge production and challenge the structures and assumptions of traditional academic research. The course further provides tools for curriculum design and teaching practices, and the practical application of decolonial research (e.g. policy). The course relies on masterclasses combined with active engagement with participants.


  • Developing a critical understanding of (historic and current) political and economic influences on academic research environments and the general process of academic knowledge production.
  • Acquiring thorough understanding of post(-)colonial, decolonial, and feminist theory and their application in specific research contexts, along with the reflections on their critiques.
  • Exploring how to challenge and dismantle Eurocentric biases in academic disciplines using the theories mentioned above, along with the incorporation of diverse epistemologies, curricula, and pedagogical methods.
  • Addressing from an intersectional perspective the exclusion of marginalized identities within (academic) spaces and facilitating active participation in open dialogue about these topics.
  • Implementing the newly obtained awareness and insights within their individual academic research and environments.
  • Building the ability to formulate and present critical arguments and actively participate in interactive discussions.
  • Gaining an enhanced understanding of the present-day responsibilities and societal implications of academic research.

Dates and venue

Monday 6, Tuesday 14, 21 and 28 November and Tuesday 5 and 12 December 2023: Ghent University - Technicum T2 (Campus UFO) 

All from 9h until 12, except for 21 November (12h-15h)


Here you can find the detailed programme.


Follow this link for the registration and waiting list. 

Registration fee

Free of charge for Doctoral School members.

The no show policy applies.

Number of participants

Maximum 35



Evaluation method

Participants will be evaluated on their attendance of all sessions and active engagement in the discussions and workshops. There will also be preparatory assignments such as assigned readings and essay writing.

After successful participation, the Doctoral Schools will add this course to your curriculum of the Doctoral Training Programme in Oasis. Please note that this can take up to one to two months after completion of the course.