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Call for initiatives 2022-2023

The Doctoral Schools call on professors and postdoctoral fellows to submit proposals for the organisation of front line activities that directly address current training needs and demands of young researchers.

In academic year 2022-2023 four types of activities are eligible for funding:

(1) Specialist courses as part of the Doctoral Training Programme: cf. Call for specialist courses + application form (recurring deadlines: 31 May, 15 October, 15 February)

(2) Multi- or Interdisciplinary Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring Schools: cf. Call for seasonal schools  + application form  (recurring deadlines: 31 May, 15 October, 15 February)

(3) ‘Hot topic lectures’ addressing gender and diversity in research careers, research ethics & integrity, research valorisation, entrepreneurship and/or sustainability: cf. Call for ‘Hot topic lectures’ (to be submitted at least one month prior to the planned activity)

(4) ‘Meet the PhD Jury’ activities on the occasion of a PhD defence: cf. Call for ‘Meet the PhD Jury’ activities (to be submitted at least one month prior to the planned activity)

Interuniversity call (only for scientific societies and centers of expertise)

Many scientific associations/societies and centers of expertise already organise activities that could be interesting for doctoral students and postdocs.

To encourage and support such activities, the Doctoral Schools have decided to provide grants of maximum €5.000 for one-day activities and maximum €8.000 for activities of two or more days (the exact amount that will be allocated will depend on the detailed budget overview that will be submitted). Examples of initiatives are workshops, summer schools, conferences, … 

We would like to invite your organization to submit a proposal for activities.

The criteria for eligibility are:

  •  Active participation of young researchers (for example via hands-on activities, poster or oral presentations)
  • Participation of young researchers of minimum three Flemish universities (preferably all five)
  • The activity must fit into one or more of the categories listed in the attached document
  • Young researchers can participate free of charge or at a limited cost.
  • The initiative has to take place between 01/01/2022 and 31/12/2022.

The allocated budget can in principle only be used for the transport (economy class for flights) and hotel/sustenance costs (max. 250€ per day) and the honorarium (max. 250€) of renowned international guest speakers/scientists.

Further conditions can be found in this application form.

The application deadline has now passed.

The application form asks you to indicate:

  •  The anticipated date/period and location of the activity
  • Description of the activity
  • Anticipated participant number of young Flemish researchers (PhD/postdoc). If this event has already taken place in previous years, please include the programme and mention the number of participants (total and number of Flemish PhD/postdocs).
  • A detailed budget. Reimbursement of travel expenses and accommodation is based on original invoices.

Specialist courses: specific funding rules per Doctoral School

Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities and Law (in Dutch)

Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Medicine

Doctoral School of Natural Sciences

Doctoral School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (in Dutch)

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